Barry's Master Blend Tea 80s

Barry's Master Blend Tea 80s

  • Barry's Tea Master Blend.  Previously known as 'Classic Blend' our Master Blend uses the highest quality leaves for a richer, full bodied flavour. The new name reflects the expertise & quality in this blend, showcasing tea from ten of the finest tea gardens in the world.  Barry’s Tea Master Blend is for true tea connoisseurs. 
  • "Life is like a cup a tea … it’s all in how you make it…"

    Barry's has been the favorite tea of the Irish for more than a century ... Its secret: a careful selection of the best teas around the world for a refreshing mix!

    Barry's Tea was founded in Cork in 1901 by James Barry. Quality has always been at the heart of this family business. Already, in 1934, Barry's wins "The Empire Cup", a prize that rewards the quality of his tea blends.

    Until the 1960s, tea was mainly imported from India and Sri Lanka and then sold in the small Cork shop on Prince's Street. In view of its popularity, Barry's began selling in other shops in the city, then in its environs and then throughout Ireland. At that time, the "tasting" staff discovered East African teas and the success was unanimous thanks to the freshness, the aroma and the golden colour of these new teas. Since Barry's carefully selects her tea leaves in India, Sri Lanka, Kenya and Rwanda.


  • Ingredients

    The Classic Blend is the connoisseur's tea that makes every occasion special. This is the favorite one of Denis Daly, the Master Blender of Barry's Tea.

    This blend of high quality black tea comes from the most famous tea gardens in India, Rwanda and Kenya. Its taste really stands out, he is powerful and very refreshing. Considered one of the best teas in Europe, it is also the most sustained in the Barry's range. To drink alone or with milk as the Irish do.